Best Places To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Auckland

It’s the holiday season and there is no reason to skip desserts. Seek out the comfort of having a rich, flavorful, decadent sweet treats to cheer someone’s mood in this festive season. Whether you like the traditional steamed pudding, or enjoying the breeze while walking with an ice cream on hand, this is the best time to check every seasonal dessert on your nearby cafes and bakeshops. 

So what are you waiting for, check out some of the best picks for best places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Auckland, New Zealand.


It is located in 31 Tyler St. Britomar, Auckland. This shop opened last 2013 and still booming and trying to invent more sweets to surprise everyone. You will get confused on what to order as they have wide selection of mouthwatering desserts to choose from. They have four categories on their menu that includes patisserie, a la carte, beverages and tasting menu. For their patisserie they have gelato cakes, gelato sticks, cookies, tarts, chocolate slabs, etc. On their tasting menu, you will see different kinds of mousse, sorbet, crème brulee, sorbet and more. The shop is very accessible and a budget friendly one. Refrain from going here on peak time, as there’s always a long queue waiting to be serve.

Little and Friday

A well known place for cakes, donuts, tarts, etc. This is where people usually go for their custom cakes Auckland. Any design or theme can be done here perfectly and deliciously. They have 2 divisions for their menu which is the Belmont Day and New Market Day menu with some best seller snacks like toasted muesli, crumpet, coconut pannacotta, blackberry mascarpone, vanilla porridge and a lot more.


It is another famous cakery Auckland that opened three years ago. They are best known for their donuts with raspberry or salted caramel filling freshly baked daily. They also serve nice espresso, smoothie and high tea. Come here in the morning and do not forget to try their breakfast pots, sausage rolls and loaf slices that will definitely brighten up your day.

Casa Del Gelato

They started with a small outlet and continue to grow with lots of branches nowadays. They serve waffles and towering milkshakes all in large size to fuel up their client’s stomach. Ferrero rocher gelato, snickers gelato cake, tiramisu gelato cake are a must try. They also accept made to order cakes for any occasion.

Little Bird

This is a haven for all vegan serving sweet treats that are guilt free to eat as all ingredients are raw organic and gluten free. They have the best cheesecakes and hotcakes with your choice of chocolate ice cream, salted caramel, chestnut crumbs or dried raspberries on top. They have three shops located in Ponsonby that has a huge seating capacity, while Britomart and Kingsland have a limited space.

Why People Choose Restaurant For Parties?

To arrange any family function there is a list of work which you have to do. There are too many things that have to be arranged. But if you get hold of an expert and professional people who are into this trade and can manage everything well then your work is reduced intelligently. There are many options of place where people choose to celebrate their event. Among them restaurants play a very important role? It is often chosen as a party venue by many of you.

If you search for family function venues Charlestown you will see there are so many people who are actually interested in giving away the party in some good and renowned restaurant. In a restaurant there are really many services which you get under one roof. This is the main reason why people tend to hold their parties in some good restaurants. Here you just have to choose the food list and then go ahead with the function as the other things will be taken care of by the restaurant managers.

Talking about places to perform family functions, you can look for family restaurant in Newcastle where you will be able to get good and quality food and also a good space where you can sit and relax and talk to each other. Thus, you have to select a good venue for the same. There may be many option but maximum people choose restaurants because there are many services which can be availed from these eateries. For such advantages people choose eateries for their functions.

Huge space

The space is huge as the restaurants are generally big and have good spaces with proper sitting arrangements. Thus you get a big space where you can easily arrange for a big family gathering. Food comes with excellent qualitySince the place where you are hosting the party is a restaurant you need not worry about the food at all. You need to just fix the menu and relax for the rest of the jobs. Here food quality will definitely be upto the mark and your guests will enjoy the delicacies for sure.

Combo package of food and venue facility

If you are arranging the party elsewhere then you have to arrange for food separately. There your headache actually increases, thus you have to understand that if this function is arranged in a restaurant the work becomes much easier.

Reasonable costThe total cost will surely be reasonable as you get all the services under one roof. So, you need to arrange everything within your budget. So you can always think of getting it done in a reasonable cost.

Thus, these are the reasons why people tend to celebrate occasions in a restaurant.

Fundamentals Of Choosing Office Furniture

Furnishing your office is important solely because this is the foundation of creating an employee friendly environment. The environment should be able to affect the general productivity of an employee. For example, the comfort of the chair should be able to motivate an employee to work efficiently and quickly in order to achieve objectives of the organisation.
There are three specific needs that should be kept in mind when choosing new fixtures for your office:
Optimizing the space of the office environment

Enhancing teamwork

Creating an open culture by making sure each individual can see each other
Follow the below guidelines and beat the needs in order to buy the suitable and productivity enhancing office fixtures.


The budget that is allocated for purchasing furniture is crucial because this depends on the furniture’s quality, kind and quantities. Looking around at all commercial furniture stores is recommended. You might happen to come across a few hot deals.


The size of your office determines the type and the number of furniture you can buy. If you have a large space and few employee you can opt for purchasing larger tables. However, purchasing small tables when you have many employees is a disadvantage as staff will be uncomfortable.

Spacing also refers to the size of the table. An employee should be provided with a functional desk so that a laptop or desktop computer can be kept and be able to write too. Storage is also important so that all necessary documents can be stored with easy accessibility.


You cannot purchase office furniture from a perfect restaurant chairs store. Find the right store and all yours worries will cease!


When shortlisting the fixtures bear in mind that you need fixtures that will not show stains and is easy to clean. If not your office space will look very unclean.


The pieces you choose for your office should all be the same unless you are picking out fixtures for different divisions within the building. Different fixtures within the same division might make feel certain employees that certain staff are favoured. Don’t forget to stick to the same colour or shades of it.


Colour is another important factor. The colours should be inviting and energetic. The colours of the walls should match the office fixtures.


Privacy should be provided to all employees to ensure that they can work productively in their spaces. It is the best way to create a mini office for each employee but will still be able to communicate among each other.

Follow the above guidelines when choosing fixtures for your new office to create a positive and motivating environment in order to preserve the culture and enhance productivity.

Planning A Meet Up With A Friend You Haven’t Seen In Years; How To Make It Less Awkward?

Childhood friends are definitely special. After all, they are the friends you make when you still haven’t learn to guard your feelings or filter your thoughts so you’re completely honest and open to them. College friends are a different category; as they are the friends you make as you discover yourself. With them, you’ve probably experienced things to talk about years to come…! But despite how close they were once, and how special they were to you once-upon-a-time, if you had lost contact with them over the years, and are thinking of reuniting with them, then it’s normal to feel a little nervous. If you feel your meet up or reunion might be a little awkward, here are a few tips to make it less so…

  • Plan it out through a call, not a text – more often than not, these kind of organizing happens through a text message or in a chat group. More often that not, that message gets over looked or buried under the hundreds of messages you might get after. If you really want to make a reunion with an old friend happen, we suggest you call them up and get the planning done. Trust us, this is one on of the basic tips to ensure your reunion actually happens.
  • Confirm when the date is close – say you planned to meet up during the vacations; but there’s still a few months left to go. When the day approaches, don’t forget to reconfirm the reunion. Sudden changes of plans might happen, or they might have even forgotten your “date”; so it’s always best to confirm. Give this reminder call around a week or two before you are supposed to meet…just in case.
  • Meet somewhere public – no matter how close you were before, if you haven’t met them in a long time, chances are that you both might have changed quite a bit since you last met. While growth is always good, if it was growth in the opposite directions, you might find it uncomfortableespecially if you meet at home. Instead, choose restaurants in Central Hong Kong, cafes or other public places to meet at. The food will definitely help you melt the ice as well.
  • Keep it short – as you never know how well your conversation with them and the reunion in general will go, it’s best to try and keep this meeting short. There’s a time limit that you could spend in bars, cafes and other public establishments; so it’s convenient once more. make sure you both have a way of getting home without depending on the other for a ride home; just in case the reunion didn’t go as planned.
  • Don’t make plans for a second meet up immediately – don’t make the mistake of even joking about a repeat meet up with them; not unless you really hit it off at your reunion. Remember that they might not feel the same as you; only making it awkward and having to come up with excuses. Keep things uncommitted. You could always make a plan later…

Learning The Basics Of Cooking

If you are interested in learning how to cook professionally, there are plenty of cookery courses and internships available out there. With the tourism and leisure industry booming in many countries, there is no shortage of work for good chefs. However, getting a place in a prestigious programme or in a well-known restaurant (even as a cleaner) can be tough so it’s better to have the basics down before you apply. Here are some of the ways you can get it down.

Take Over the Kitchen

The best place to learn: your own kitchen. Whenever your parents or whoever is not busy in the kitchen move in and make it your own. Ask them for help or go it your own way. There are plenty of DIY apps and videos online that will guide you step by step into making almost anything. Start with something very simple like an omelette and keep making it daily until you can get a perfect one in your sleep. Experiment with other simplistic dishes as well. As with most skills, the actual cooking is pretty easy; it’s the prep that takes ages. You will learn how to cut, peel and hold a knife by doing it on your own.

Volunteer Wherever You Can

The next step is to volunteer wherever and whenever you can. A good idea is the local soup kitchen. Most of the food there can’t possibly go wrong even if you cut something wrong and the people there will be glad of some extra help. Another option is tagging along or volunteering at kids party catering. Again, children won’t be too fussy about whether the sausages are cut too long or short as long as the food tastes good. Working in this environment will help you learn to work faster because events have a completely different pace and rhythm from the usual home kitchen and cooking sessions.

Climbing the Ladder

It might be a good idea to sample the life of a professional cook before you actually commit or invest in a professional course or internship. You can start as a cleaner or bus boy in a professional kitchen and work your way up with some dedication. Or you can join a gourmet catering company and work for them in some capacity. The idea is to get a behind the scenes look into what the life of a chef consists of. It may sound exciting but it is also about stress and deadlines and managing a kitchen full of fast moving workers who all have to work in harmony. So don’t jump in feet first until you have a good idea of how hot the waters are.

Becoming An Alcohol Aficionado

There is something deliciously bad about alcohol – it is condemned as the root of many evils and yet is integral to many cultures in some shape or form. ‘Drinking’ is a rite of passage for many youth who see it as a sign of adulthood, while many make careers out of their love for alcohol. If you want to become an aficionado, you will need to invest time and money into it. Here’s how:

Sample Everything

You cannot become an expert on all the different alcoholic beverages out there but you can taste all of them. Try everything to see which one is more to your taste, and then once you find your preferred poison, find out all the different varieties and sip all. The more you taste it the better attuned your taste buds with spiegelau perfect serve collection at Great Earth International Company Limited will become to the nuances of the drink and over time, you will be able to differentiate between a bottle corked in Italy to one corked in India.

Build a Collection

Once you have done your research and decided on a strand of alcohol, it’s time to invest in a  personalized wine cellar and start your own collection of bottles. Kudos to you if you can purchase cellar but most people now prefer to have temperature controlled rooms or even more efficient, a fridge, in order to build their cellar. You can purchase famous brands, vintages etc. and impress your friends with your knowledge.

Get the Equipment

There is more to alcohol than a corkscrew and a wine glass. There is other equipment that you require, starting with the right glassware. You are not an aficionado if you do not have a craft beer glass to drink the barley brew in or a flute to raise a (champagne) toast in. In addition, you will need shakers, strainers, a muddler, a paring knife and a grater to get you started with cocktails and other hard liquor and more equipment once you graduate to connoisseur.

Lots of Self-Control

The whole point of being an aficionado is that you are always in control of what you drink and how much of it you drink with the result that you are aware of what you have just drunk. Self-control is essential in judging when you’ve had enough. Drink too much and you will soon degenerate into being a drunk who has no thought except to get hammered as soon as possible. If you are planning to be an expert in alcohol, try to be an expert in the cures as well. Drink smart so that you can drink long.

Wines: The New Tool To Reduce Health Risks

Heart diseases and cancer are two of the most common causes of death. Blood pressure is caused due to various reasons and there are medications that can be taken to reduce heart diseases. Different types of cancer are caused due to various reasons. Some cancer types are incurable and rare while other may have medication to slow down the growth of cancer cells.

There are many health benefits from various kinds of food and beverages. Some of these items can be very unexpected and unusual. Wine is such beverage that helps to reduce the risk of heart related diseases, cancer and many more. The antioxidants that contains in the ingredients that is used to make these beverages are the main reason for the various health benefits. Following are some of the main medical risks you can reduce.
Heart attacks
According to a study done, it was proven that wine, whether it’s white, rose or red wine they reduce the risk of heart attacks that nondrinkers. The different type of ingredients used in protects you from heart attacks.

The main cause for strokes are blood clots. According to a study 50% of the risk of suffering a blood clot can be reduced by consuming wine. But it should also be mentioned that you should not over drink wine due to this reason. Some types like sparkling wine in Australia would contain a higher amount of alcohol. Therefore as wine contains alcohol you need to make sure that you consume a moderate amount to gain the health benefits.

Cancer has become one of the most common type of illness and one of the main reasons of death. Cancer is caused due to various rains and even with the development of technology and the advancement of medical services, certain cancer types are still incurable. However, it is said that the phenolic compounds that are included in wine, slow the growth of cancer cells in the human body. However, it is important to remember that certain types of wine are extremely bad for cancer. Therefore it is always advisable that you do your research and maybe speak to your oncologist before consuming any food item if you are diagnosed with cancer. For further information you can definitely visit this site for Madfish wine.

Other than reducing heart related diseases, wine also helps to reduce other critical illnesses. Moderate wine drinkers can cut down the risk of being diagnosed with type two diabetes, cataracts, brain decline and many other diseases.

Next time you consume wine and someone tries to stop you, maybe you can point out the above benefits. According to studies you should only consume four ounces of wine once or twice a day. Therefore remember, too much of anything is not good for you.

How To Spend Your Weekend And Make It Worthwhile?

We live in time where we are all busy with work and commitments. We always tell ourselves if I had some free time I would have love to do this or that. Well, the thing is we all have a lot of free time during the weekend but they seem to get lost in plain sight most of the time. Sometimes all you need to do is take some effort towards it. Some people have been able to find free time but do not know how to make use of it. Well, here some ways to make your weekend worthwhile.

Pursue your passion. We might have our normal jobs but if there is something will always make you happy while doing it, is your passion. We all have interests and passions just not enough time to spend on it. During your weekend allocated at least an hour for this. It can be playing a sport, doing a hobby or even skill training. Whatever it is, just do it. We all deserve to do and spend time the way we want.
Family time has become something of a very rare occasion for some. If the former president of the United States Barack Obama can find some free time to spend with his wife and two daughters, I am sure that you and I both can do the same. Go to an Italian restaurant HK, have a weekend brunch with you family. Spending some time with family can even help you not hate Monday as much as the whole world does because you probably made good use of the weekend. They say you only miss it if you don’t make use of it properly.

Unplug yourself from the world and connect with the world. This might sound confusing but today the world is so connected to each other that we forget what life is actually. You always connected to the internet and work. You check mails, answer calls, etc. Unplug yourself from technology and just go out with your friends and connect the right way. See this page for further information regarding best pizza in HK.

Five days of work, some might have been sleepless nights and waking up in the morning with coffee is nothing new to you. Take the whole weekend off and take some good naps at the park or in your garden. This doesn’t mean you should spend the whole day in bed but just an hour or 20 minutes will be refreshing.

Volunteer and go events and meet new people who know rather than spending time watching TV you could possibly be in line finding your next break in your career and life.

Trying To Eat Healthy At Work? We Got You Covered

Eating healthy while working isn’t so tough, all what you need is planning, a little bit of preparation and the will to eat clean. That doesn’t sound too hard right? Wrong! It’s not so simple, we know that. But fear not! We got you covered. These are few tips to help you eat clean while at work.

Don’t skip breakfast

Starting your day with a healthy balanced breakfast is a wise idea for few reasons. First, if you skip breakfast and let yourself get too hungry, saying no to junk food from burger places when your stomach rumble becomes next to impossible. So how can you make your breakfast healthy and simple? Prep freezer smoothie packs the night before and simply bled it up and drink for breakfast. Keep a stock of muesli or granola bars. Whatever your breakfast plan is, having it before you leave to work or taking it with you is the first step to eating clean while working.

Watch your water intake

Keep a bottle of water near your work station and drink enough water throughout the day. If plain water bore you, shift to fruit infused water or detox water. Avoid soda or any type of carbonated drinks as much as possible. If possible set a reminder in your phone and try to drink at least one glass of water every hour. Reduce the consumption of high-calorie beverages such as coffee as this can obstruct your efforts at staying hydrated. Have a glass of water before every meal to avoid overeating.

Make your lunch smart

Eating a clean lunch is essential to keep you going through the rest of your busy day and to avoid feeling pitched by afternoon. Try to load as much as nutrients possible into your lunch. Add healthy fat, fiber, protein and many veggies and fruits as possible. Cut down on simple carbs such as bread and pasta. Make your own salad dressing. If possible, avoid having lunch from reliable restaurants. Pack your lunch from home.

Have a clean snack

Avoid the temptation to dive into a packed of chips or nibble a donut by making your own clean snacks. Snacks are an important way to avoid getting super hungry between meals, and a simple alternative way to pump some additional nutrients to your system. Having said that, try not to overdo snacks. Swap a bag of Doritos with dried nuts or fruits, fresh fruits, smoothies or chia pudding. Make your own snacks and avoid processed fast food.

How To Encourage More Quality Family Fun Breaks?


Quality break is a crucial requirement for a healthy life style. Especially if you are a person who is at job on full time basis, you must be already missing the good opportunity of a fine break already right?

The importance of having a quality break is crucial for a life. That applies not only for working adults but also for the children as well. Going for a job is not the only tiring task in this life. What about schooling and education. Just like adults, kids are also going through a tough time in their childhood even though they are not full time employees. The level of pressure and problems that we do deal for a day is countless and up above the lines. Sometimes, that is much more than our real capacity. A break is indeed a crucial requirement for any type of a person without considering their age, gender or type of work that they are engaged in.

Sometimes, we do miss lot of good opportunities in enjoying a quality break in our lives and time to spend with our loving families. That is why we do encourage more family time. Kids are struggling hard to expose their problems for their parents and parents are at a great obstacle in understanding the feelings of their children. Therefore, in general we all need a good break, a good family time to share all these things at one table.

How will be the topic going for restaurants can help you out to enjoy a family time? Then why do we really need to go out for dining? Do we really need an outdoor dining experience?

These experiences are somewhat different compared with the ordinary family lifestyle, where parents are busy at their own unfinished businesses and kids are paid less attention on their life style.

Outdoor dining allows all of them to stop all their unfinished business aside and enjoy a quality food together as one family.

Great restaurants in Sydney is famous for family dining experience and they do offer large platters which can be enjoyed as one family. That is the best part out of them. European cuisine is always encouraged to take the meals on their individually designed and served plates and not in a large scale arranged platter.

But this concept is a totally cool one which will encourage you to have a dinner, lunch experience sharing the same large meal over your family member. In this way you will start to explore more important information about your family members, especially to understand your kids and share important family information among them.


Ways Of Relaxing And Celebrating Important Occasions?

There will be times in your life that you will need to celebrate. A birthday, a wedding anniversary, a graduation party, etc. Every person come across various events in life subjected to their lifestyle at a given period of time. There are a few essentials that must be taken into thought when it comes to celebrations. The first is, food. People often go for these functions mainly for food. When ordering the food you need for your party, you must always give your consideration to what the invitees would like. The tastier the food, the merrier the party. Music also plays an important part in a party. A celebration will not be one without music. One must give attention to what kind of music should be played because that’s what gets people into the party mood. It shouldn’t be too loud because sometimes it annoys people and it shouldn’t he took soft because it might make people feel sleepy.Next main thing is the bars in Canberra. You have a responsibility to give a cosy environment to enjoy the event. Hence, when picking a place for your function/party, you must choose the place according to the number of people invited so that the people won’t feel crammed in one place or the party won’t look empty. And also, people would love to move around to talk with others and some would want to dance. Having a venue a bit bigger than the amount of people invited, will make it comfortable for people to hang around with whom they want to.

People love to relax a bit from their everyday work. After a tiring day, a little drink in the hand and a few friends to hangout is one way to chill. So to take a break from everything, you could go to a bar and have a little fun to forget about the day’s work and stress. If you’re a parent and at a party with your kids, you could let them have fun and relax yourselves for a while with restaurants in kingston Canberra.

People have parties and celebrate life events when they want happy memories. It’s a must that while you make memories out of it, the others have fun. You must give priority to the invited people too as they play a part in making your life event more memorable. It should be a kind of party that people will not forget. So everything you do to while organizing a party must be done with a lot of thought.

Successfully Pulling Off An Event

If you happen to be in an organizing committee for an event you might regularly brain storm with your friends so that you could come up with ideas and decisions. It is a known factor that organizing an event is no easy task. There are many aspects which need to be looked at and considered before an event is organized. Firstly, it’s important to analyze every aspect before sudden decisions are made. For instance you cannot book a venue without having a look at the guest list. This is because failing to do so might result in you not having enough space to accommodate all guests.

First of all, it’s important to decide on a budget. The organizing committee could decide on a budget which would be sufficient for the event. Once the budget is finalized and sorted, you could make sure that you write everything which needs to be done in order to make the event successful. It’s important to make sure that all the important activities are written at the top and the other activities are looked at afterwards. For instance aspects such as catering should come at the top of the list. It’s also important to get the ideas of all the other team members since this would bring out some really creative results.

Now you could start getting things done. You could talk to corporate catering and get the meals arranged. Once you have figured out the food aspect, you could shift your attention towards the person who is going to host the event. It’s important to make sure that the host is a confident person who will be able to handle everything on their own. Once these are looked at you could also look into photographers. You could make it a point to get in touch with a few professional photographers so that they would be present during your event. It’s important to place a reservation in advance because waiting till the last moment might make you lose out on the reservation.

Sponsors also need to be taken a gander at. This way you could get a few more aspects covered. For instance having a sponsor might let you spend your budget sparingly since they will be looking at a few aspects. Once the event is nearing you could always go through your list to make sure that everything is in place. If you feel that it’s too much of a hassle to handle everything on your own, you could make it a point to assign a few individuals to carry out a few tasks.

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